About Us

The story of Pignut began with a love of the English countryside and the simple pleasures to be gained from a life lived in the country. Pulling on muddy boots for a ramble through country fields, your best friend scampering at your side. The aroma of freshly baked bread drawing family round the bustling kitchen table. A log fire crackling as you sink into your sofa at the end of a busy day, your favourite book in hand and a glass of something delicious on the coffee table.

This love has gathered together a new family who believe life is better with a little bit of character. Inspired by our Somerset landscape, we have created homeware that breathes life into your home.

Each piece in our debut collections is jam-packed with colour, texture and design details that brings joy to the senses. Our hand-stitched embroidery, blanket stitching, fine velvets and natural cottons connect to nourish Pignut's adaptation of everyday luxury. While each design has its own distinctive personality, they have been created to complement each other and work perfectly with both traditional and modern interiors.

Above all, our products epitomise our ethos.

Casual Living, Country Style.